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We seek through investments and day-to-day actions to minimize the impact on the environment while offering outstanding service to our guests. Thus, we contribute to keep this paradise beautiful and preserved forever!!!

Here are some examples of these sustainable attitudes:

Green Energy We consume clean energy that is produced at the Pousada through photovoltaic panels installed on our roofs which guarantee the generation of 100% of all the energy consumed here.

Free Mineral Water To avoid the use of PET bottles, we offer our guests free mineral water with unlimited refills so they can hydrate themselves without generating plastic waste. We hope to reduce the disposal of 20,000 water bottles per year.

Stainless steel Straws and Returnable Packaging We avoid using disposable products, we choose to serve beer in returnable packaging and we use stainless steel straws.

Solar Heating We use solar energy to heat bathroom shower water.

Local Labor We prioritize the hiring of local labor, as we believe tourism sustainability in the Peninsula can only happen with the community inclusion. We qualify our team through intensive and constant training right here at the Pousada. We also recommend locals for shuttle services and tours.