The Península of Maraú - Bahia

The Peninsula

One of the most beautiful ecotourism destinations in Brazil, Maraú Peninsula is located on the south coast of Bahia. It is a true paradise for those looking for deserted beaches, lagoons, natural pools, mangroves and wildlife.

Here you can find a rich marine system and a huge fauna and flora biodiversity.

Some of the must-see activities are to enjoy the sunset at Ponta do Mutá, to explore Camamu bay and Tremembé waterfall on a speedboat ride, to visit the Blue Lagoon and to enjoy the 360º view of the peninsula from the Lighthouse Hill (Morro do Farol). Don't miss snorkelling at the coral pools of Taipu de Fora beach, strolling at the village of Barra Grande and watching the full moon rise in front of the Pousada.


How to get here

From Salvador

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