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Get ready to enjoy the Maraú Peninsula!

Date: 13/09/2019

Author: Akiko Nishimoto

Have you made your reservation to enjoy this paradise? If not, the first tip is Book Now!!!

Since my parents built the Pousada Encanto da Lua in 1999, I go to Maraú Peninsula every year. I live in São Paulo and during this time, I got married at Pousada Encanto da Lua in a beautiful party and had two children, today 1 and 8 years old. I used to work for a multinational company and recently started dedicating myself to my family's Pousada. I remember the first time I went there, I took a huge suitcase ... full of heeled sandals, cocktail dresses, jeans... well, needless to say that several things just went for a walk in the suitcase ... 🤫 Now, my greatest pleasure when I go, is to wear only my Havaianas flip flop collection as shoes!!🤪

Without further tangling, here are the basic tips:

  • In the suitcase:

The look of a day out on the peninsula and a day at the beach are very similar: light clothing or beachwear, bikini, swimsuit or swim trunks, sarong, cap or hat, flip flops, sunglasses and sunscreen. UV t-shirt is a good choice, especially for children who do not enjoy reapplying sunscreen.The Maraú Peninsula is a destination of beautiful beaches and small villages and ZERO asphalt!! Flat sandals and flip flops reign there. No high heels to prevent sinking into the grass or sand. Even on night outs, you will walk on the sand (at least until you get there) and the venues are pretty casual. At night, there is a breeze from the sea and on boat rides there is also a little wind, so it is worth carrying a light cardigan.

Sand toys (bucket, shovels, pans and alike) are available at the Pousada for our little guests, as well as “frescobol” and of course beach towels for use at the Pousada or when you take a tour at the Peninsula.

At Pousada Encanto da Lua you will have free access to mineral water. Your minibar will be stocked daily with mineral water in properly cleaned glass bottles. We plan to stop discarding 20,000 pet bottles / year with this initiative. In addition, our waiters will be available to serve fresh water with a clear conscience flavor whenever you want. We suggest you bring your bottle to refill for walks and hikes. Or you can buy a beautiful aluminum bottle from Pousada Encanto da Lua as a travel souvenir. 😉

  • The Natural Pools

At Pousada Encanto da Lua, we rent full face diving mask and snorkel and there are some beach huts that also rent, including flippers. But if you already have it and you want to take it, you will use it for sure to see the rich marine fauna at the coral pools formed during the low tide. It is worth having a waterproof protective case for the phone to record these moments in the water!!

  • The Tide

 “Lua Nova e Lua Cheia, Maré Baixa 9h30” (New Moon and Full Moon, Low Tide at 9:30 am) is a saying of the region and reflects how important the tide is and changes the pace and scenery of the peninsula. At low tide, in the new and full moons, the natural pools appear and are the best times to dive. If you like to walk or run on the beach, the strip of sand is wide, and you can reach Barra Grande by the beach. A great activity! When the tide rises, the surf guys enjoy the best waves!

  • Do I rent a car or go by taxi?

The roads on the peninsula are sandy and sometimes quite difficult depending on the rains. More and more guests are arriving by car from Ilhéus airport. We always suggest a tall or 4x4 car to withstand the jolt and not get bogged down.

But if you don't want to drive, here are some options:

To get from Ilhéus or Salvador to Pousada Encanto da Lua, there are transfer services.

At the peninsula, taxis can be called by phone to commute and “jardineiras” make the shuttle service from Taipu de Fora to the village of Barra Grande. And you can rent an ATV (including at the Pousada) or bike on the days you want to ride around.

  • Money

In Maraú Peninsula there is no ATM or bank to withdraw money. Credit cards are being increasingly accepted, but we still need cash for small things, to buy local food such as acarajé and tapioca or to buy a handicraft on the beach. Try to take an amount for these small expenses.

  • 220V voltage

The voltage there is 220V. In the apartments there is a hair dryer but watch out for other appliances that you bring.

  • Cell phone signal

Cell phone signal is very poor or does not exist at all in various parts of the peninsula. At Pousada we have free Wi-Fi coverage for guests throughout the property.

But do you want to know what I love the most when I'm at Maraú Peninsula? Recharge my own batteries and disconnect a little!!!

Get ready and if you have any questions please contact us! We will love to receive you at the Pousada Encanto da Lua!